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BF-10132 Full Automation Face Mask Making Machine


The Full Automation Face Mask Making Machine consists of one Mask Blank Body Making machine connecting with two Face Mask Ear-loop Sealing Machines. When the face mask blank body is produced, it’s delivered to the Ear-loop Sealing machine by the conveyer for ear-loop welding and completing an finished ear-loop face mask. This face mask production line is with full automation and only demands one operator to run it. When it is 1 plus 3 type, that is one Face Mask Blank Body Making Machine connecting three Mask Ear-loop Sealing Machines, the capacity can reach 110 pcs per minute. 

Machine Dimensions

      2,500mm (L) x 4,500mm (W) x 1,500mm (H)

  Driving Motion

      Servomotor & Step Motor.

  Electric Control

      Mitisubishi PLC

  Control Panel

      Human-computer Interface (Touch Screen) & Button

  Power Source

      220V, 50/60HZ,1P

  Material Application

      PP Spunbond and Composite Fiber

  Finished Products Size


Special: 180x95mm, 145x90mm, 125x90mm


      80 pcs / min.


      The Mask Blank Making Machine can also be connected with 3 Ear-loop Sealing Machines at the same time for higher capacity.